History & Culture Hot Spots in Downtown Rock Springs

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Built from the railroad and coal mining industries, Rock Springs has a rich history that is reflected in various spaces throughout town. Get a glimpse into the past at these top sights where history and culture meet.

Historic Railroad Depot & Rock Springs Welcome Arch

Unlike many other towns in Wyoming, Rock Springs was home to two railroad depots instead of one. The historic Union Pacific Railroad passenger depot was built in the 1920s and restored in the 1990s and can be found in Depot Park in Downtown Rock Springs. As a booming mining town, Rock springs attracted thousands of European and Asian immigrants searching for work in America. The depot was the main entrance to Rock Springs for immigrants as well as western outlaws such as Butch Cassidy.

Located at Depot Park, you’ll also find the iconic Rock Springs Coal Welcome Sign. Originally lit in 1929, the sign has been moved and restored multiple times until its recent relocation in the park in 1994. 

Today, visitors can explore the passenger depot by grabbing a cup of coffee from Coal Train Coffee Depot, located inside the building. Consider packing a lunch to enjoy in the park’s picnic area, and don’t forget to take some photos in front of the landmark welcome arch!

Find it: 501 South Main Street, Rock Springs, WY 82901

Rock Springs Historical Museum

Just two blocks from the historic railroad depot, you can visit the Rock Springs Historical Museum to learn about the people and industries of the town’s past. The museum building was once home to city hall, the police and fire stations, jail and other municipal offices until the late 1900s. Take a group or individual tour or browse the permanent and rotating exhibits at your own pace. Permanent exhibits feature coal mining artifacts, the history of Butch Cassidy, jail displays and more. Visit the museum website to learn about current rotating exhibits. Admission to the museum is free.

Find it: 201 B Street, Rock Springs, WY 82901

'Big Country' Mural

Rock Springs’ first mural was commissioned in 2014 and created by artist Valerie Doshier. "Big Country" was the first of many to grace the award-winning downtown and reflects the high desert landscape of Sweetwater County. Rock formations and sand dunes, along with wild horses and a steam engine can be seen in the 126-by-24-foot mural. Since then, there are now 10 murals and counting in Sweetwater County.

Find it:  Above the M Street underpass